Ever True Jewellery (Shop & Workshop)
The exquisite sterling silver jewellery designed and made by us is showcased in the shop.
Moreover, a variety of jewellery collected around the world can be found here.
Please feel free to drop in! Welcome to place orders through the web!
Handmade Jewellery Workshop
We are holding handmade sterling silver jewellery workshop for the people who are
interested in making jewellery by themselves.
Ever True (Boutique)
The cobalt blue wooden showcase of the boutique is eye-catching.
A lot of trendy sterling silver jewellery can be found here. It is near some hotels in
Central so many tourists find that it is convenient to visit our boutique.
After-sales Services
We provide after-sales services, such as polishing, enlarging and reducing ring size.
* We DO NOT offer the following services: repairing the jewellery which is not
from our company; making the jewellery which is not designed by us.
Leo Chu
  He started to learn goldsmithing in 1969. After 5 years of learning, he became a skilled jeweller. He has been devoting himself to the jewellery industry for

more than 40 years. He has been the member representative of the Hong Kong & Kowloon Gold Ornaments and Jewellery Trade Workers' Union for

  many years.
  With experience and a high degree of skill, he designs stylish and distinctive jewellery. He emphasises that the jewellery must be comfortable to wear.
He has concentrated on making sterling silver jewellery over 10 years ago. He believes that a piece of exquisite sterling silver jewellery is as praiseworthy
  as a piece of luxury jewellery. Be proud to wear it as it makes you stand out from the crowd.
  He hopes more people can enjoy the fun of making sterling silver jewellery. Therefore, he starts the handmade jewellery workshop with Celia and Cally.


(Leo's Designs)

She has over 10 years experience in the jewellery industry. Having a great ability to create designs for women, she gains support from many

  female customers.


      (Celia's Designs)

She has been learning jewellery making skills from Leo, her father, since 2010. She makes jewellery and promotes the handmade jewellery workshop.

  The Intensive Workshop and the Course for Beginners are conducted by her. Moreover, she is the web designer and web mistress of this website.

(Cally's Designs)
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