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Ways to Keep Your Sterling Silver Jewellery Shiny
  It is important to prevent tarnishing by cleaning it everyday.
  With a little care, you will always wear the beautiful jewellery.
  Use a piece of 100% cotton cloth to wipe it softly after cleaning it with water.
  Use a silver polishing cloth to clean it.
  When it is not being worn-
  Clean it before putting it in a zipper plastic bag or a jewellery box.
  For brushed jewellery-
  Soap it with a toothbrush.
Polishing cloth may not be suitable for cleaning gemstones and crystals.
Do not swim when you are wearing it.
Do not use silver cleaners without instructions as the chemicals may
harm it.
Sterling Silver
  It is also known as 925 silver. It contains 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of
  other metals. The 99.9% pure fine silver is too soft for making jewellery.
  Hence, other metals are alloyed to increase the hardness of the silver.
Pieces of sterling silver for jewellery making
We use the sterling silver balls to make the pieces of sterling silver
Essential Professional Silversmithing Tools
Here are some of the professional tools for making sterling silver jewellery.
Saw Frame; Saw Blade
  Refractory Tile; Soldering Sheet
Brass Burn Pipe
Shaft Machine; Twist Drill
Brass Kettle; Air Bellow
Design Block
Square Anvil
Iron Size Stick


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