Thank you for introducing us! Hope more jewellery lovers know about traditional goldsmithing and silversmithing
as well as our sterling silver jewellery shops and handmade jewellery workshop in Hong Kong!
2015.3.1 Magazine - AWAre March 2015
The editorial team at the American Women's
Association of Hong Kong has compiled this issue
celebrating the Year of the Woman. It has been my
honour to be introduced in it.
Article Link:
AWAre March 2015
2014.6.25 Local Magazine - Face - Trading Express Issue 1170
This article talks about our
Course for Beginners.
The editor mentions that many
people sell their D.I.Y. jewellery
online nowadays. He suggests
learning skills in class is good for
them to make high quality silver
jewellery for their customers.
* Tuition fee is HK$1,600 from
13 October 2014 onwards.
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2014.6.1 Local Magazine - The List Magazine Issue 215
Editors recommend some indoor
activities in this issue.
It is a good idea to make jewellery
in our workshop.
Article Link:
The List Magazine Issue 215
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2013.9.19 Local Magazine - 100 Most Vol. 29
There are some photos showing
how to make a silver ring.
Those two beautiful hammered ring and
heart-shaped pendant are made by
the editors of 100 Most magazine.
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2013.6.1 Magazine - AWAre June 2013
We will hold a customized workshop for
the American Women's Association of
Hong Kong (AWA) on 10 July 2013.
Each participant will finish a sterling silver
Article Link:
AWAre June 2013
2013.4.26 Local Magazine - Sudden Weekly Vol. 926
The tuition fee and material fee are
for making one piece of bracelet in
Intensive Workshop A.
* Tuition fee is HK$550 from
13 October 2014 onwards.
2012.8.14 Online Press - Run Run Go Travel
Article Link:
To Explore Goldsmithing by
Making Your Own Jewelry
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